Sellers find a trusted partner in unconventional real estate firm

Posted by Charles Lower // November 12, 2017

Lenexa Home Buyer

Selling a home can be more challenging than many sellers think. To start, it can be a surprisingly emotional process, especially for sellers who are moving on from a home that played an integral role in their lives. Then, factor in the maintenance and updates needed to make a home appealing and sellable. In many…Read More→

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Growing real estate company offers sellers an efficient, successful alternative

Posted by Charles Lower // October 24, 2017

After receiving a postcard from House Buyers KC, a Waldo homeowner reached out to the company for help selling a home that included what can become an obstacle for many prospective sellers: a shake shingle roof. “The roof was in good condition, but it could impede the sale of the home,” said Kyle Walchshauser, sales…Read More→

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Seller praises genuine, client-focused team: they ‘knocked it out of the park’

Posted by Charles Lower // October 18, 2017

Sometimes selling a home is the best decision, but it’s not always an easy one to make, especially if precious and poignant memories are associated with that home. Denise Canon and her husband, Milling, found themselves in a similar situation when they decided to sell the Lenexa home in which they had first raised their…Read More→

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House Buyers KC offers a fast alternative to traditional real estate transactions

Posted by Charles Lower // July 14, 2016

When clients sell a home to House Buyers KC, they can be assured that they are getting a fair offer that reflects the house’s current value, the cost of repairs and renovations that need to be made and the potential value of the home after it has been renovated. House Buyers KC, a real estate…Read More→

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Investment company gives quick, fair offers for homes

Posted by Charles Lower // June 23, 2016

Ernie Bittner, left, who values houses, and Chad Lower, manager of House Buyers KC, check the progress on a house purchased by House Buyers KC that is being renovated. Kasi Orr Special to The Kansas City Star

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Difficult home sale has easy solution

Posted by Charles Lower // December 19, 2015

You have a home you need to sell, but it needs lots of work first. It would be expensive and time consuming to make the needed repairs and updates. Then it takes even more time to sell it. You have to find a real estate agent, list the house, have it in tiptop condition every…Read More→

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How to sell your home in a declining market

Posted by Charles Lower // October 22, 2014

If you are wondering how to sell your home in a declining market, you have come to the right place. While selling a home in a down market might seem like a tough challenge, it certainly isn’t impossible. In fact, the majority of homes sold between 2006 and 2011 had to deal with it. So…Read More→

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