Sellers find a trusted partner in unconventional real estate firm

Sellers find a trusted partner in unconventional real estate firm

Lenexa Home BuyerSelling a home can be more challenging than many sellers think. To start, it can be a surprisingly emotional process, especially for sellers who are moving on from a home that played an integral role in their lives. Then, factor in the maintenance and updates needed to make a home appealing and sellable. In many cases, this work is manageable. But in others, the repairs become too daunting or too costly, bringing the selling process to an unexpected halt.

The good news? There’s a solution. House Buyers KC, a rapidly growing Overland Park-based real estate firm, offers an unconventional approach to home selling that prioritizes efficiency and customer satisfaction. The result is a sale that’s much faster than the traditional real estate process, something that brings a welcome peace of mind to sellers who need a fast timeline to relocate, finance their next steps or are dealing with other time-sensitive issues.

Every House Buyers KC sale starts with a consultation. During these face-to-face conversations, the House Buyers KC team takes time to get to know each client and understand any possible challenges or obstacles. House Buyers KC also conducts a thorough evaluation of the property, identifying any repairs or updates that need to be made before the home is listed. And for prospective sellers who may have anxiety about their home’s condition, the House Buyers KC team is experienced in working with construction issues large and small.

A recent Overland Park client is a prime example. The home needed to be sold quickly to finance the homeowner’s move to an extended care facility, yet the process abruptly stopped when the real estate agent discovered possible issues with the home.

“The agent reached out to House Buyers KC because of the condition of the home,” said Kyle Walchshauser, sales acquisition, House Buyers KC. “The foundation had quite a bit of settlement. And the roof was two layers of shingles and one layer of shake. The homeowner had been there awhile — since 1979.”

Other homes need some TLC after decades of wear and tear. Often, homes are updated to reflect the more modern preferences of today’s buyers, including spacious kitchens and open first-floor layouts. Knowing that the House Buyers KC team takes care of the work is a welcome relief to their clients.

“They’re going to make the house beautiful like when we raised our family in it,” said Denise Canon. “I can’t wait to see what it becomes. The transformation will be amazing.”

Once the evaluation is complete, the cost of a home’s repairs and updates — along with an analysis of the selling price of similar homes in the surrounding neighborhood — is used to create House Buyers KC’s offer to the seller. Once the offer is accepted, closings usually happen in less than a month, compared to the more than 45-day closings that are a typical part of the traditional selling timeline.

Then, the House Buyers KC team oversees any repairs or updates that are made to the home. When complete, the home is then listed for sale, to the benefit of both prospective sellers and the surrounding area.

“The updated home will be a breath of fresh air for the neighborhood,” Canon said. “I hope it will inspire someone else to do something similar.”

House Buyers KC’s incredible success rate, commitment to each client and willingness to work with sellers in challenging situations has been a big hit with sellers throughout the Kansas City area. As a result, House Buyers KC Manager Chad Lower has expanded the team throughout the year, starting last December with Katie Mason, office admin. She’s thrived in the family-like atmosphere and loves an opportunity to juggle different roles and responsibilities.

“We get down to business, but we also have a great time,” she said. “I’m glad I get to be part of something that’s growing.”

Walchshauser joined House Buyers KC in February and continues to make an immediate and memorable impact on the company’s clients.

“When I met Kyle, I told my son I thought he was a great person,” Canon said.

The House Buyers KC team also includes Brent Smith, a project manager who joined the company on May 1; and Jane Boyd, a part-time office admin and University of Missouri-Kansas City student, who joined House Buyers KC in June. Tom Bell, sales acquisition, became a part of the team in August to professionally pursue a longtime interest.

“Real estate investment is something I’ve always wanted to do, but it’s risky to go out on your own,” Bell said. “I talked to similar investors and felt Chad was transparent about the business — honest and upfront. There’s been a lot for me to learn, but it’s easier with an office full of people.”

Despite the flurry of growth, Lower and his team have maintained a laser focus on delivering an exceptional client experience, which includes working closely with each client to understand their challenges and concerns, then doing what they can to alleviate them.

“People want to know that their homes are cared for like they did or wanted to,” Lower said. “It’s about helping people, doing something we love and making a difference.”

That approach not only delivers successful closings to sellers, but also leaves a lasting impact.

“It’s nice to work with people with hearts and souls who care about my home,” Canon said. “We had talked to other companies before House Buyers KC, but they were all transactional. They don’t have the emotion and heart of House Buyers KC.”

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Contact: (913) 777-4444

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