Growing real estate company offers sellers an efficient, successful alternative

Growing real estate company offers sellers an efficient, successful alternative

After receiving a postcard from House Buyers KC, a Waldo homeowner reached out to the company for help selling a home that included what can become an obstacle for many prospective sellers: a shake shingle roof.

“The roof was in good condition, but it could impede the sale of the home,” said Kyle Walchshauser, sales acquisition, House Buyers KC. “The roof also had multiple layers, which isn’t as prevalent today.”

While the home might have become mired in the traditional selling process, the House Buyers KC team worked with the homeowner to move quickly.

“We talked through the property and the specifics that night, then the seller agreed to the proposal the next day,” Walchshauser said. “We closed within 30 days.”

That efficiency is one of many reasons that prospective sellers continue to be drawn to House Buyers KC’s unconventional approach to real estate. The process includes an initial consultation and a thorough evaluation of the home and property to determine any repairs and/or updates that need to be made before House Buyers KC lists the home for sale.

During a property’s evaluation, House Buyers KC also analyzes the surrounding neighborhood to determine the selling price of similar homes. The repair costs, holding costs and profit are then subtracted from that figure, which results in the seller’s offer.

Despite the thorough property evaluation and in-depth discussions with each seller, the House Buyers KC team maintains a focus on delivering a simple, speedy process. Consider the average home listing, which might be on the market for 30 to 60 days. Factor in closings that can easily surpass 45 days, and it’s no wonder that home sales can unexpectedly fall through due to a variety of factors, leaving both the buyer and the seller scrambling for alternatives.

That uncertainty is one of many reasons the Kansas City homeowner mentioned earlier in the story reached out to House Buyers KC. The client worked in the mortgage industry, and “didn’t want to go through the traditional selling process,” Walchshauser said. As a result, the homeowner was able to quickly sell the home and move to a two-bedroom apartment to escape the burden of lawn and home maintenance.

House Buyers KC’s approach to home buying and selling — including the ease and speed of the process — has been such a big hit with both buyers and sellers that manager Chad Lower has quickly expanded the team, extending House Buyers KC’s reach across the Kansas City metro area (and beyond).

Katie Mason, office admin, joined the team last December and loves the company’s family atmosphere.

“We get down to business, but we also have a great time,” she said. “I’m glad I get to be part of something that’s growing.”

Walchshauser has been with House Buyers KC since February, and continues to make an immediate and memorable impact on the company’s clients. The House Buyers KC team also includes Brent Smith, a project manager who joined the company on May 1; Jane Boyd, a part-time office admin and University of Missouri-Kansas City student, who joined House Buyers KC in June, and Tom Bell, sales acquisition, who became a part of the team last month.

“Real estate investment is something I’ve always wanted to do, but it’s risky to go out on your own,” Bell said. “I talked to similar investors and felt Chad was transparent about the business — honest and upfront. There’s been a lot for me to learn, but it’s easier with an office full of people.”

Despite the flurry of growth, Lower and his team have maintained a laser focus on delivering an exceptional client experience — and that includes working closely with each client to understand their challenges and concerns, then doing what they can to alleviate them.

“We want everyone to feel happy about the decision they’ve made,” Mason said. “We enjoy working with people and their families and do whatever we can to make it a smooth transition.”

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