“Hi, I’m Lary Sisel and this is my father Frank Sisel.  I recently assisted my dad in selling his home. He’s moving to a retirement village and we figured the best way to do it was with as is buyers So I located 3 in the Kansas City area and House Buyers KC clearly was the highest price offered to us by a wide margin compared to the others.  They were very easy to work with during the closing process we actually closed this in less than 2 weeks and found them to be very professional.  We are very pleased with how it turned out and we would recommend that if you are in the market to get rid of your home quickly you deal with the House Buyers KC Firm. ”

-Frank and Lary Sisel

“It was the week before Christmas this last year and I was driving and saw this sign that said “We Buy Houses”. And I thought to myself, no don’t call that number. So many times the people aren’t interested. But an inner voice said to me “Go ahead and call this time John. So I got back to my house and called the number.  Chad answered and he listened to me, listened to my story. He came over in the next couple of days and looked at our house and helped my wife and I out. We ended up with a good agreement and we put three kids through college and we were just looking for something different. Chad’s a fine gentleman to work with.”

-John and Kim

“Hi, I was a homeowner that was in distress and I was driving down I-35. I saw Chad’s sign. I called him, he bought my house. He got me out of the problem I was in. If you know someone that has an ugly house that needs to be bought, Chad’s your man. Give him a call.”

-Shawn O